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No longer a state alchemist, Edward spends his time traveling or at home with his two children and beloved wife, Winry.

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With a heavy heart, I say goodbye.

I realize I used to be pretty popular as an Edward Elric role-player back when I was under the url e-l-r-i-c. But since the fandom deteriorated to the point of seemingly no return, I’ve decided that this is it. I’m formally putting in my resignation letter, and will no longer post anything.

I’ve unfollowed everyone I’ve been following, and the only reason I’m not deleting this blog is due to some resources that can still be used by formerly fellow FMA role-players.

… *sighs heavily*

Guys, it was fun. It really was. But I can’t deal with fandom-based drama. The bullying, the cruelty, the lies and broken friendships I’ve seen have been enough for a lifetime, and they all started here.

I know I originally owed some people some icons, but I’m really sorry. I can’t finish them for you. Hopefully, you all will keep on striving to make this fandom enjoyable, but for me, I’ve had my fair share of fun, and an even greater share of misfortune. The relationships I’ve made were broken like glass when lies became more important than the truth.

It’s a shame, considering FMA was all about reaching the truth and returning what’s lost back to their owners. So to see lies get out of hand to the point where friendships and relationships are forever broken—well, it hurts, to say the least.

Don’t worry, guys. I don’t hate FMA. On the contrary, I love it quite a bit. It’ll forever be my favorite anime of all time—both the original 2003 series and the later Brotherhood series. And if you want to continue to role-play with me, you can catch me on my original character, Colt; found here: outlaw-gentleman.

It’s been both a joy and an honor to role-play with so many fine FMA fans and fellow role-players. I really do feel bad about leaving you all. Perhaps in another time or place, I’ll return to this blog. But for now, I merely say goodbye and leave the blog as inactive as it’s been.

I really do appreciate all who have stuck by me through thick and thin. Who have backed me up when I posted rants, or even reblogged various things I’ve said in the past. I really do thank you all for welcoming me onto tumblr as a newbie role-players, and helping me learn my way around the site. And most of all, I thank you all for bearing all the bullshit I’ve put you through.

Happy new year, everyone. And thanks again.

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兄さんの日 by まりのすけ
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there has to be a way. there has to be.
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To Feel The Breeze Again
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Anonymous: will you be doing icons again?

[I do believe so! I know I’ve been away for some time now. I’ve been preoccupied with other accounts (mostly my OC account: rebel-monster) and I know I owe two people icons as is. XDDD But I can definitely take your order as far as icons go!]

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lottie—la-bouff started following you


Oh, wow— Just look at him. Definitely a handsome fellow, with warm-colored eyes and long, blonde, ponytailed hair. Lottie grinned impishly, preparing to be her flirtatious, man-catching self—

And then she spotted the wedding ring.

DANG IT. It was a good thing she’d seen it before she opened her mouth, but she still had to resist the urge to pout. Letting out a long huff of air, she offered a small smile, her mannerisms much more reserved (At least, as reserved as Lottie could possibly be). “Hullo…”

“My name’s Charlotte, Charlotte La Bouff— Cahll me Lottie. Is’ swell ta meetcha, sweetie~.”

"It’s a pleasure, Lottie!" Grinned the elder Elric, "you can just call me Ed." He took a moment to analyze her accent, a his head tilting just slightly to the side. "Your accent—you’re not from around here, are you?" He inquired, his words licked with curiosity. "What brings you here to Resembool?"

(Source: the-human-instrument)

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OOC: Okay. Who did it?

[I got four new followers within ten minutes—about an hour ago. I got the messages in my email. So, who did it? Who whored me out without my knowledge? XD TELL MEEEE!!!]